(ĐTTCO)-After a long period of recession, since 2007, the silkworm silkworm has gradually recovered and developed, of which many private enterprises do so thanks to mulberry and silkworm.

The incubator plant of Dong Lam Company

Mr. Huynh Duc Thach, Director of Dong Lam Silk Joint Stock Company (Loc Son Industrial Park, Bao Loc, Lam Dong), said that he has been engaged in silkworm rearing since 1990. Equitization of silk factories, he decided to "separate." In 2005, he founded the Lam Dong Silk Joint Stock Company. Initially he purchased the old refurbished machines for silk, besides sewing clothes. Thach said: "At that time silk origin from China is too cheap, making silkworm mulberry farming down the slope VN, I do not grow silk, only buy silk from China for silk carriage, silk weaving.

Starting in 2013, when the mulberry industry successfully researched new mulberry varieties, yielding three to four times higher yields, the mulberry farming of silkworm rearing in Vietnam in general, Lam Dong in particular, Step by step to regain market. In order to take the initiative in cocooning materials, Thach step by step reorganized production and linked with silkworm mulberry farmers. At present, Dong Lam Company has 7 material supply agents in Lam Ha, Di Linh and Da Teh (Lam Dong) districts with nearly 200 silkworm mulberry growers, providing about 400 tons of cocoon each year. High Quality. In recent years, Mr. Thach has been aggressive in importing many machines and equipment for silkworm, silkworm and silkworm.

Mr. Dang Vinh Tho, President of Vietnam Silkworm Association, said: "Dong Lam Company is a private enterprise but has boldly breakthrough in production and business by importing many modern machinery and equipment. This will meet the demand of production and maintain the export market. " With the scale of production is increasingly expanding, Dong Lam Company is creating stable jobs for more than 250 workers (not including hundreds of farmers associated with mulberry growing), with income from 6 - VND 9 million / person / month. Silkworm Association said that every year Silk enterprises in Bao Loc have to import 1,000 tons of silk from China, Brazil ... to do export processing. Raw materials for production and export.

Le Hoang Phung, Secretary of the Bao Loc Party Committee, said: "Dong Lam is a typical private silk producing and trading company after the State has advocated equitization. This is a good organization linking with farmers to grow mulberry and silkworm, to combine the benefits of businesses and farmers, help people not only stable but rather good income. high".

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