History of formation and development 

In the process of forming and developing 40 years, Viseri is proud to be the leading producer in the whole country




It was formerly named Bao Loc Central silk worm seeding plant, founded on 31/12/1975..
01/01/1986: the Company was established
Member of UNDP’s Asia Pacific Committee of Sericulture Development Consulting
Total assets: $8.000.000
Total staff: 3200 employees
Became President of ESCAP’s Asia Pacific Committee of Sericulture Development Consulting

1992: Founded 5 automated silk cord nursery factories. Brought automated nursery technology into Vietnam.
Joined International Sericulture Association

Received 18 million US dollar from ODA of Italy
Viseri had 27 local members and 3 joint ventures.
Issued 16 science works on developing species of mulberry trees, worms and on preventing plant diseases at ministry and government levels.
Increased the mulberry planting area from 4,700 ha to 38,000 ha. Contributed to the upgrading Bao Loc from rural district to urban district.
Awarded the Golden Cup “1995 International Trade Prestige” by International Trade Prize Committee in Spain
Founded Vietnam Sericulture Corporation
Consisted of 25 members, 3 administrative offices and 3 joint ventures

Joint ventured with Matsumura to manufacture exports.

Completed privatization and changed name to Vietnam Sericulture Joint Stock Corporation.
2013 – 2017: 
Keep the leading position, accounting for over 70% of the country’s outputs.

Business philosophy 

We produce products In the 40th Viseri is focused on producing and trading silk products that promote and develop traditional industries in Bao Loc Silk City and throughout the country.