The mulberry grows silkworms in the 'silk capital'

 There is a time when silkworm rearing for silkworm silkworming of Bao Loc city (Lam Dong) is flourishing, with an area of up to 3,000ha. But...

In the midst of the typhoon khaisilk: Vietnam silkworm silkworm

 In recent years, the silkworm silk industry in Vietnam has gradually recovered when the quality of silk is good, which is popular in many international markets. However, with the internal difficulties, to really develop this industry is not simple.

Cooperate with farmers to produce silk

 After a long period of recession, since 2007, the silkworm silkworm has gradually recovered and developed, of which many private enterprises do so because of the mulberry and silkworm.

Revitalizing silkworm silkworm Bao Loc

 Before the 1990s, Bao Loc city (Lam Dong province) was named as the capital of silk weaving. Due to the world's demand for silk, the silkworm mills of this area have entered the recession. Thanks to the technological revolution, production equipment change, along with the world market flourishes, silkworm silkworms of Lam Dong has now revived, bringing Bao Loc city back to the traditional capital of the profession. from hundreds of years.

Silkworm silk industry in Vietnam before concerns from China

 While the silkworm silkworm Vietnam is still struggling to find a way to sustainable development has not completed, now more anxiety from Chinese investors to hide the market instability.

Opportunity for silk, mulberry Vietnam

 On the other hand, the case of China-made silk trafficking in China, Khaisilk, can turn into a golden opportunity for silkworm rearing, silkworm rearing in Vietnam, to make completely "made in Vietnam" products. "