Silk is an important economic, cultural and social event organized by Lam Dong Province in the framework of the 7th Dalat Flower Festival in 2017 to honor organizations and individuals with many contributions. For the development of tea, mulberry and silk industries, and at the same time to create opportunities for enterprises to process, trade and promote their trademarks, cooperate in investment, promote production and contribute to the development of business. social in the area; was held from 23/12/2017 to 27/12/2017 in Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province

As a leading production unit of Bao Loc city and the whole country, Vietnam Visiting Silk Company - Viseri contributes to the festival's general program through sponsorship:
- International Symposium on "The Current Situation and Finding Solutions for Sustainable Development of Silkworm - Silk - Brocade in Lam Dong Province" on 26/12/2017.
- Tour to visit the factory and some famous sights in Bao Loc.
- Contribute to the top silk patterns to create beautiful outfits for the fashion show in tea culture week.
- Sponsor the entire cost of welcoming international delegations and delegations from traditional craft villages in Vietnam to the Silk program.
Besides, Viseri also revisited the journey of the company through
Silk - silk exhibition program takes place from 23/12/2017 to 27/12/2017 at Bao Loc Multi - Functional House. The theme is "The Journey" - Viseri draws a colorful journey stretching on the shimmering silk; Here visitors not only see the finished products made with top materials in Vietnam but also know the exciting development of a pioneering enterprise in the industry.