Talking about silkworm silk Vietnam can not fail to mention VISERI. Because VISERI plays a key role, it is central to the development of silkworm silk industry in the country. Through many periods of ups and downs, changing the way of production organization, Vietnam Silkworm (VISERI) is still a durable brand at the same time.

 From state-owned enterprises to joint-stock companies   

VISERI is a trading name of Vietnam Silkworm (DTT VN), a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The forerunner of VISERI is the Union of Vietnamese Enterprises, established on 26/8/1985, started with only 11 affiliated enterprises; Of which, there are 6 units in Lam Dong province. As of December 30, 1995, according to Decision 90 of the Prime Minister on the reorganization of state enterprises, the Union of DTT Enterprises was renamed as Vietnam General Corporation (VISERI). At that time, VISERI had 34 member units in the whole country (including factories and farms); Of which, there are 3 joint venture units with foreign partners. VISERI's headquarters are located in Bao Loc. During the operation, VISERI has a "golden age", but then can not be "cylinder" anymore because of production, business losses. On May 27, 2005, the Prime Minister issued Decision 115, allowing VISERI bankruptcy 12 enterprises; Of which, 8 units stand in Lam Dong province. 
During the restructuring of the company, Vietnam Debt Management Company Limited (DATC) purchased VISERI's outstanding debts and dealt with financial problems for VISERI. After resolving the financial problems, at the General Meeting of Shareholders (18/5/2013), Vietnam General Corporations officially changed into Joint Stock Company of DTT Vietnam. The international transaction name of JSC DTT VN is still VISERI. VISERI's chartered capital is VND100 billion. In particular, the state share is dominant (90.67%) and DATC represents the owner of state capital.
By June 2015, DATC sold all of the state capital (which DATC represented VISERI) to private individuals, completing the divestment of the state from VISERI. This transaction remains the legal entity of the Joint Stock Company DTT VN. 
VISERI after equitization 
In 2013, after the equitisation, VISERI was reorganized and reorganized and only 4 factories: Silk Factory 1, Silk Factory 2, Silk Factory 5 and Kimono Silk Factory. The number of employees working at these factories is nearly 500 workers. VISERI also cooperates with other factories in Bao Loc, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.
After equitization, VISERI continues to maintain stable cooperation with its Japanese partner, Matsumura Corporation. VISERI has been supported by Japanese machinery, equipment and modern technological lines to replace backward technology lines and improve the quality of silk and silk products up to the quality standard requested by Japanese partners. and other customers in the export market. With the production process is silk carving, weaving, bleaching, flower printing, VISERI's final products are silk, export silk branded Vietnam, including silk of all kinds, silk yarn dyed, polyester fiber, fabric kimono, caravat fabric, cloth. The quantity and quality of products are increasing gradually. Turnover is approximately 70 billion VND (2015). After the share, Matsumura Company has invested in VISERI to build and put into operation a modern waste treatment system (with 300m3 / day and night) at the Xe 2 Plant for the  
At the same time, to improve the quality of products to meet the market demand, recently Matsumura Company has invested VISERI to build Silk Quality Testing Laboratory. "Thanks to the Silk Quality Testing Laboratory, VISERI has been testing and evaluating the quality and detecting" defects "in the production process of silkworm mills, to improve the quality of silk production. Looking forward, VISERI will continue to set up a Silk Quality Testing Laboratory to meet the needs of DTT production and business, "said Dang Vinh Tho, Deputy General Director of DTT Corporation. VN (VISERI), said. 
According to Tran Quoc Hung, General Director of General Corporation of Vietnam DTT: "Since the State officially withdraws the entire capital of the State to private enterprise (2015), Joint Stock Company we officially took over; continue to maintain, stabilize and develop production with VISERI brand has previously known both Vietnam and international market. However, the past time, that strength has not been fully promoted, now with the potential has, such as capital resources; material and technical resources; With a good management team, good science team and skilled workers, we can meet the most difficult requirements in production and business related to DTT.
At present, we are trying to maintain and further promote the cooperation with our Japanese partner, Matsumura Corporation. At the same time, we intend to coordinate with the agencies, departments, businesses involved to promote commercial investment, how to find new customers, new partners, new markets , creating more products, contributing to rebuilding the VISERI brand. At the same time, in cooperation with Matsumura and Bao Loc city, as a central business, we will strive to cooperate better with the same DTT business in the city, contributing to Strengthen Silk brand Bao Loc on the market in Vietnam and the world.
VISERI's central role
Talking to us, Le Hoang Phung, Member of Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of Bao Loc People's Council, noted: "After equitization, VISERI has had a positive impact, contributing to promoting many enterprises in the DTT industry in Bao Loc city (and in the province) to form and develop; From that, also brought back the mulberry growing and silkworm re-birth.
In particular, in the area of ​​Bao Loc city, among the enterprises manufacturing DTT, in recent years, the most effective companies are Dong Lam Silk Joint Stock Company, Silk Joint Stock Company Bao Loc Silk Company Limited, VietSilk Silk Weaving Co., Kimono Japan Company, Asia Silk Corporation, Ha Bao Silk Weaving Company Limited ... Among these companies are some companies associated with Cong Vietnam Joint Stock Corporation (VISERI) in the production of silk. Besides local silk production, VISERI has been the "focal point" in importing nearly 1,000 tons of silk and raw materials, exporting about 800 tons of silk and silk for businesses. On the other hand, VISERI also supports the silk weaving business in bleaching, dying; testing of silk quality
"The DTT development project of Lam Dong province has identified Bao Loc as one of the key areas, requiring investment resources of enterprises through the mechanism of loan support. As a result, all banks in the city have followed this scheme to create favorable conditions for businesses and farmers to raise silkworms. Through loans, many companies have bravely invested in technology innovation and imported machinery and equipment to improve the quality of silk products, "said Le Hoang Phung. As a result, on average, Bao Loc can produce about 1,000 tons of silk, 3 million meters of silk and more than 200,000 silk products per year, accounting for 75% of the silk processing capacity in the country. .
Deputy General Director of General Corporation of Vietnam Dang Vinh Tho said: "Recently, VISERI has cooperated with Bao Loc city and DTT companies participating in silk festival in Hoi An (Quang Nam) . This is also a chance for VISERI to promote investment cooperation to develop the DTT sector. VISERI will cooperate with Lam Dong Agroforestry Research Center to implement the project of applying and transferring new mulberry varieties (S7 - CB and VA - 201) to help farmers in remote areas of Da Teh district ( then it will expand gradually); At the same time, proposed to strengthen and establish Lam Dong Association of DTT. On the VISERI side, we will continue to invest in expanding our textile scales. "